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They help you examine your goals, interests, and choices in order to help you create a plan, create priorities, and achieve the best outcome for you in reaching your goals.
They act as a sounding board, listening and providing you with honest feedback.
They work with you to realize any obstacles you encounter and work through them.
They help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.
They help keep you focused on what is important to you in achieving your goals.

Most life coaches like to meet with their clients 2-3 times a month for 30 to 60 minutes each time.
Many life coach Chicago have an intake process in the beginning that allows you to get to know each other, built a rapport, and work on setting goals for the coach/client relationship.
Making meaningful and life-long changes takes time, commitment, and support – it is not an overnight process.
You will choose what you will be working on with your coach, what action steps you choose to take, and what pace in which you choose to move. Your coach will help you set priorities and action steps and keep you focused on reaching your goals.
Your life coach will provide a listening ear, and often ask challenging questions that are designed to get you thinking.
Your coach will offer the support and accountability you need to follow through with achieving your goals

Pemmican as a Convenient and Nutritious Meal Replacement

As the world population continues to grow, the demand for food increases. However, with the negative impact of food production on the environment, it is crucial to find sustainable and eco-friendly food options for the future. One such option is pemmican, a traditional food of Native American and Canadian communities.

What is Pemmican?

Pemmican is a type of food that was commonly consumed by Native American and Canadian communities, particularly those living in the northern regions. It is a mixture of dried meat, fat, and sometimes berries or other fruits. The meat used in pemmican can be any type of lean meat, such as beef, bison, or elk. The fat is typically from the same animal or from wild game like bear or moose. The meat and fat are dried separately, then pounded into small pieces and mixed together with the berries or fruits. The mixture is then formed into small cakes or balls that can be easily transported and stored.

Why is Pemmican a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Food Option?

There are several reasons why pemmican is a sustainable and eco-friendly food option:

  • No refrigeration needed: Pemmican does not require refrigeration, so it can be stored for long periods of time without the need for energy-intensive refrigeration.
  • Minimal processing: Pemmican is made using simple techniques that require minimal processing. This means that there is less energy required to produce pemmican compared to other food products.
  • Minimal waste: The production of pemmican generates very little waste, as all parts of the animal are used.
  • Local ingredients: Pemmican can be made using locally sourced ingredients, reducing the need for transportation and the associated carbon emissions.
  • Nutrient-dense: Pemmican is a nutrient-dense food, meaning that it provides a high amount of nutrients relative to its caloric value. This makes it a valuable food source in areas where access to nutrient-dense foods is limited.

How Can Pemmican be Used?

Pemmican can be used in a variety of ways, making it a versatile food option:

  • Trail food: Pemmican was traditionally used as a trail food by Native American and Canadian communities. Its high calorie and nutrient content make it an excellent food source for long hikes or other strenuous activities.
  • Emergency food: Pemmican can be stored for long periods of time without refrigeration, making it an excellent emergency food option.
  • Meal supplement: Pemmican can be added to meals as a source of protein and fat. It can be mixed into soups or stews, or used as a topping for salads or vegetables.
  • Snack: Pemmican can be eaten as a snack on its own, providing a satisfying and nutrient-dense option.

Pemmican is a sustainable and eco-friendly food option that has been used for centuries by Native American and Canadian communities. Its simple production process, long shelf life, and nutrient-dense properties make it an excellent food source for the future. As we look for ways to reduce the negative impact of food production on the environment, pemmican serves as a reminder that traditional foods can be both delicious and sustainable.

A Home Spa Party: Pamper Your Friends with These Essential Oil Recipes

Getting the girls together for an afternoon or evening pampering can be quite a bit of fun, but there are many things to consider when organizing such an event. Setting the stage for a home spa party is essential to the success of the party. Presentation is everything. When planning to hostess a home spa party, be certain to include a spa-like atmosphere. There are many elements to consider such as music, refreshments, types of treatment sessions and decor.

The Atmosphere

Begin setting the stage by appealing to the senses. Lighting should be subdued. Use candles in place of lamps and overhead lighting. Lit candles can become a meditative focal point in any setting. Soft music should be played in the background. Choose CDs with nature sounds or instrumentals. Both have a calming effect on the mind. Supply soft, thick, plush hand towels for some of the sessions that will require drying hands and feet. Providing pleasing scents is a must. If the chosen candles are aromatic, that’s great. If not, then choose an essential oil or blend to simmer in water on the stove-top or in an oil burner. Lastly, remember the sense of taste. It would be wise to serve snacks and drinks. A healthy choice includes fresh fruit, vegetable and cheese trays. For drinks, offer a selection of teas and water.

The Treatment Sessions

Choosing what treatment sessions to provide can take a little time. While home spa parties can offer anything from facials to massages to foot soaks, you might be looking to do something a bit more economical. Here are some ideas to get your party started.

Begin with a foot workout. This is done by taking a golf ball and rubbing it around the foot, concentrating on the arch and sides. Also, walking on smooth river rock placed on carpeting can give the foot a great massage. Both will be soothing to the feet.

Next, try a relaxing or revitalizing foot soak. By adding a quarter cup epsom salts, an eighth of a cup baking soda, a dozen marbles and eight to 10 drops of an essential oil to a tub of warm water a great foot bath has been created. The Epsom salt will aid in detoxifying as the baking soda will alkalize the water and soften the skin. For a relaxing foot bath, add ylang ylang essential oil. For a more invigorating experience, add peppermint essential oil.

A sample of a body scrub can be applied to the hands and arms. Begin by mixing one tablespoon of wheat germ, one tablespoon of ground oatmeal and five drops of an essential oil with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Rub the mixture on the skin and rinse with warm water. This is an ideal way to exfoliate the skin and leave it soft. A nice essential oil to use is orange.

Personal body spritzers can be made by adding eight to 10 drops of any essential oil to two ounces of distilled water in a dark spray bottle. A calming essential oil to try is lavender, while an refreshing oil is eucalyptus. This spritzer can be sprayed on the skin as well as on linens or used as a room spray. To personalize the spritzer, make a blend of essential oils by mixing two or three oils. Be certain to shake the bottle prior to spraying to mix the oils with the water.

A great way to end your home health spa party is to follow an inspirational guided meditation. Many are available on-line for free. Some are pre-recorded, some are stand alone scripts. Choose one that reflects the mood of the spa atmosphere that has been created. Playing soft music in the background will enhance the effects of the gentle words.

When planning a home health spa party, using the imagination is one of the best ways to get great results. Decide on the atmosphere desired, accessorize the setting and prepare for the types of treatment sessions being offered. With a little research, a few essential materials and staging the environment, a wonderful spa-like retreat can be held in the home.

From Facials to Injectables: A Guide to Medical Spa Treatments

Medical spas have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a range of cosmetic treatments to help individuals achieve their desired aesthetic goals. From facials to injectables, there are a variety of treatments available to address different concerns. In this guide, we will explore some of the most common medical spa treatments and their benefits.


Facials are one of the most popular treatments offered at medical spas. A facial involves cleansing, exfoliating, and nourishing the skin to improve its overall appearance. There are several types of facials available, including hydrating facials for dry skin, exfoliating facials for removing dead skin cells, and anti-aging facials to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Chemical Peels 

Chemical peels are another popular treatment offered at medical spas. They involve applying a chemical solution to the skin, which causes it to peel and reveal smoother, younger-looking skin underneath. There are different types of chemical peels available, including superficial, medium-depth, and deep peels, each with varying levels of intensity. Chemical peels can improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, and sun damage.


Microdermabrasion is a minimally invasive treatment that uses a special device to gently remove the top layer of dead skin cells. This treatment can improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and even out skin tone. Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types and is often recommended for individuals with acne-prone or sensitive skin.

Laser Treatments 

Laser treatments are a popular choice for individuals looking to address specific skin concerns. There are various laser treatments available, including hair removal, skin resurfacing, and acne Injectables 

Injectables are non-surgical treatments that involve injecting a substance into the skin to improve its appearance. The most common types of injectables are Botox and dermal fillers. Botox is used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily paralyzing the muscles that cause them. Dermal fillers are used to restore volume to the face, fill in wrinkles, and add contour to the cheeks and lips.

In conclusion, medical spas offer a range of treatments to help individuals achieve their desired aesthetic goals. While these treatments can be effective, it is important to consult with a medical professional before undergoing any cosmetic procedure. Additionally, it is essential to find a reputable medical spa that employs trained and licensed professionals to perform the treatments. With proper research and consultation, medical spa treatments can be a great way to achieve the desired look.treatment. Laser treatments work by emitting a concentrated beam of light that targets specific areas of the skin. Laser treatments can improve skin texture, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and even out skin tone.

Landscape Shrubs that Work Very Well in Containers

Containers are not just for pretty flowers and twining vines. Shrubs can make for a great container structure and a focal point for patios and porches. If you are considering planting a shrub in a container, but haven’t a clue which ones may be the best fit, here are three choices that all work very well in containers.

Ixora coccinea, the Ixora

This shrub is from the madder family of plants and is an evergreen. It grows four to six feet high and in a dense form. Leaves are leather-like and glossy, in pairs or whorls on the stem. Flowers are in two to five inch clusters and are tubular, scarlet, blooming year-round. There are some different colored cultivars. It is intolerant of alkaline soil and salt. Plant ixora in partial shade or in full sun but with shade during the highest temperatures of the day. Soil should be well-drained but moist. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of nine through eleven.

Punica granatum, the Pomegranate

A member of the pomegranate family, it grows to be six to fifteen feet high. Leaves are shiny and deciduous. Flowers are trumpet-like and orange-red in color. They can be doubled. Fruits are red-green or yellow-green, edible, and globose. Fruits come about year three or four. Plant a pomegranate in full sun with regular watering. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of eight through eleven.

Tetrapanax papyiferus, the Rice Paper Plant

A shrub from the ginseng family of plants, this is an easy-to-grow container shrub. It has leaves that are ten to fifteen inches wide, palmately lobed, with a white fine hair underneat. It grows fifteen feet high and nearly as wide. Flowers are white and in wooly balls that appear in fall. Berries are black, in clusters, and come after the flowers. Plant a rice paper plant in light shade with regular watering. It is hardy in USDA hardiness zones of seven to eleven. Its fan-like leaves are its main attraction. Take care around this shrub as people with sensitive skin can get contact dermatitis touching it.

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Home Remodeling: Closet Design

Closets are far more important than most people realize. Essentially, closets act as the primary storage space for everything you own, and if you don’t have enough closet space, your stuff will begin to spill out onto your everyday life. Unfortunately, closets are often an afterthought in designing an area. Here are a few things to think about when designing the closet space of your dreams.

Storage Access

The method of accessing closets can be as important as the closets themselves. Cheap doors, not enough clearances for swinging doors, or poorly installed sliding doors will ruin your experience and make you dread your closets. It doesn’t have to be that way.

First, remember that you need to plan for both the door, and where the door will be when it is open. If you don’t give yourself enough room, you will have a closet that only half opens, making half of the space inside unusable.

Second, remember that the biggest items you can get in are limited not only by the closet size but by the door width. A narrow access space can ruin a closet. Sliding doors are good too, but remember that they will only give you access to half the closet space at a time.

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Useless Depth

A very shallow closet is limiting. Unless used as a pantry or linen closet, you probably realize already that you need a closet with enough depth to fit your belongings. On the other hand, it is common in older buildings to find closets with useless depth. These are typically a result of a poorly thought out remodeling job. For instance, in my current apartment, the primary closet has an 20 inch wide doorway, but is easily 9 feet deep. At those depths, the closet gains a level of uselessness that is hard to avoid. While you can pile your “once in a long, long while” items in there like holiday decorations and sleeping bags, you probably can’t use the closet for your daily activities.

To avoid this problem, add shelves to the back of the closet. Obtain long, narrow storage bins to slide onto each of the shelves. Just doing that will make the back of the closet suddenly come alive with new possibilities. At all costs, avoid creating a “pile” in the back because that “pile” will never be sorted through and will just get in the way. In front of your storage wall, put in hooks on the wall for things you will need frequently, and put on the floor only things that are easy to move like vacuums or shoes. Try to make the back as accessible as possible for more value out of a closet with absurd depth.

Closet Shelves

As I’ve highlighted above, I’m a big believer in closet shelves. They don’t have to look pretty, but they should be sturdy and be placed at good intervals. Think of it this way: a closet with 20 sq. ft of storage becomes a closet with 60 sq feet of storage with just two shelves. a shelf can really improve the accessibility of your items as well.

Final Tips on Outside Storage

Finally, consider clutter reducing storage in your halls and living areas. A filing cabinet, bureau, or other chest of drawers can be an attractive piece of furniture while removing much of your clutter simultaneously. If you don’t have enough closet space, think outside the box. Don’t get caught with clutter just because you couldn’t think creatively about where to hide it!

Home remodeling is tricky business. On one hand, there are few activities which are more intimate than redesigning the space that you live in; we don’t tend to think about it in that way, but the reality is that our use of space, and the way that we occupy and decorate the space says a lot about us. On the other hand, there are certain cold realities that have to be faced by the average family recreating their space; principal among them… budget. Part of the difficulty in taking on a remodeling project is trying to balance those two facets of the job – on one hand, we have the imperative of design and the pent up wants and desires from the months or years of planning leading up to the final decision to begin construction, and on the other hand we have the reality of our financial limitations.

There are only really three ways to overcome budget constraints; artful substitutions of materials to achieve substantially the same effect, cutting back on labor costs or deus ex machina– hitting the lottery, an unexpected inheritance or a huge gift borne of unrequited love from a long-pining ex. Logically, we do as much as we can in the design phase, making material substitutions and simplifying complex and labor-intensive elements to save labor costs, and shifting priorities to try to get the most bang for the buck by eliminating the “nice to haves” to keep the “must haves”. Often though, we get to the point where the outlay of dollars exceeds the inflow of the things that have long been dreamed of, and the client reaches out to achieve the improbable by going to the modern day fountain of deus ex machina, Craigslist.

Contracting, at least here in Houston, is intensely competitive and margins are thinning as the big-box stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Olshan’s step into the fray. Like most retailers, contractors have had to deal with shrinking margins, consumer demand that has scaled back with the weak economy, and major incursions by the big conglomerates into our space. When we price a job, it’s usually with the understanding that at least two other contractors are bidding. In most cases, we’re bidding somewhat low in order to get the job, knowing that if we get the job and can save the client a few dollars and “wow” them with the quality of our work, there will be either follow-on jobs or the opportunity to garner some referrals.

From a client’s perspective, the average client is of course trying to maximize their bang for the buck and talking to their friends and relatives to try to get design ideas and leads for cheap, quality craftsmen. Human nature being what it is, they are going to hear some great advice, some cutting edge design ideas and a whole lot of chaff. As mentioned before, home remodeling is an intensely personal experience, and like car buying is prime turf for nostalgia and a little embellishment to make for a better story. The reality is that good work costs money, and there is a world of difference between the wages earned by skilled craftsmen and unskilled laborers. When I present a bid for granite, for example, for most of the clients in my market, I am going to quote slab granite and not prefab lengths. I’m going to include the costs of the bullnose or square overhang, the costs of decking for the bullnose and the costs of all cuts, holes for faucets and cut-outs for undermount sinks. Most conscientious contractors will do the same, so that they don’t have to come back to the client after the sale with add-on costs, and most consumers in our market will be sophisticated enough to calculate the per square foot cost for comparison. Simple fact is that granite and the installation of granite, though not beyond the cost of our average client, is far from cheap. Unlike electrical bids and plumbing, the installation and pricing of granite is also fairly straight forward, easy to understand, and doesn’t present the same risks as electrical work. It’s also a lot more fun to talk about, and nearly everybody who has remodeled has not only an opinion, but a great story that goes along with it.

So what happens after a dinner party when our client hears the great stories, the great deals, the truckload of Italian marble that was stranded on I-45? They go home and look at their contractor’s bid and the small square sample of granite there; not much of a story, is it? And at a per square foot price nearly fifteen dollars more expensive than Susie’s. That’s where Craigslist comes in – on any average day, you can get ads like these:


Hard to beat real granite for $10.95 a square foot installed. But what is the likelihood of getting the work done for that price all in? Not likely. Economically, it doesn’t make sense to sell granite that commands anywhere from $18.00 to $35.00 per square foot installed for less than a half of retail price, even if you could, even if the granite were free. If a furniture store or a car dealership were offering to sell for less than cost, most sophisticated consumers would scoff, so why not on ads for granite or hardwood floors? It should be clear that the aim of the ad is not to sell granite for $10.95 a foot, but to get you to call so that they can get an appointment to sell you some granite. Surprisingly, though, the Craigslist ad is proof enough for a great number of people that the market rate for granite is $10.95 per square foot, or that the market price for installed real hardwood floors is $3 per square foot. And there is where many hearts are broken.

As a general contractor, I know the market price of materials, services and trades that go into putting together a successful bid and completing a job with smiles and handshakes at the end. My preferred subs have a track record with me and know that although I can be tough, I’m a great referral source. They have more invested and more at stake in their relationship with me than they have at stake with any individual client. They also know to provide a solid, no-nonsense bid to me that they can stand behind and deliver on.

What can a client that relies on a Craigslist ad bank on? They can pretty much bank on the fact that they are going to have to do their homework. The beauty of Craigslist is that it gives many, many tradesmen who would otherwise have no exposure a way to get their names out there. Some are very, very good at what the do and very, very bad at creating an effective ad. What can you do to help seperate the wheat from the chaff?

Get a baseline quote. Get a quote from your contractor or a recommendation from a trusted friend or advisor or check out a well known name in the yellow pages, and call that person for a quote. If you got the number from a friend, ask if you can see the work in person. Ask every question you want, and ask them what questions you should be asking. Keep their name and number handy in case new questions pop up. That quote is your base quote. Since these people are your known and trusted source, any other quote that you take should be lower in order to compensate you for the risk you are taking on an unknown entity.

Get more than one quote. Don’t make a career out of getting quotes, or else you are not going to remember one vendor from another and all the meetings will blend together. Get at least three quotes, all written. You’re soon going to know where the market price really is – that alone is worth the effort. Compare the final quote given after all the measurements were taken to the price that was advertised on Craigslist. If the difference is more than 25%, you’re dealing with somebody who has no compunction about stretching the truth in order to get a job.

Listen to what they are saying. Ask questions and ask them to walk you through their process. Ask about any options that they recommend and ask them about the differences between materials that they show you. Honestly, it’s pretty easy for anybody to memorize a pitch, so keep that in mind, but the more familiar they are with their work, the better. Ask them whether they will do the installation, and if not, ask them to tell you a little bit about your installer. Where are they from, how long have they been in the business, how did they meet? Basically, many of the people who advertise on Craigslist are themselves contractors and have no idea who the people are who do their installations. Nothing wrong with contractors, but any good contractor should know their subs and should know them well.

Be safe. Remember that Craigslist is an anonymous service and that you don’t know the people you are inviting into your home. Your safety should be paramount – don’t meet them alone, make sure that you take precautions, and if possible, arrange to call somebody when your appointment arrives and have them call you right back. In front of your appointment, let the caller know who you are meeting, and give the caller the phone number of the person you’re meeting with as a “referral”.

Tell us about yourself: Sandy has been a corporate credit and collections manager and Glenn has been a CFO of high tech companies. Handyman Matters wants to be the TRUSTED choice for quality, safety and security home or office repair and remodeling services, employing skilled Craftsmen who complete small to medium size jobs exceeding the expectation of customers.

The vision for this company is to change the face of the Handyman Industry by setting standards of quality, safety and security for our customers. To be the “one stop” home and office maintenance and remodel company that enhances real estate property.

Give us a description of your company: Mr. Handyman Matters is licensed as a general contractor and has a master electrician on staff. We employ qualified Craftsmen to complete home repair and remodeling projects. Our employees have clear background checks and are covered by insurance while they work. Our Craftsmen are scheduled for a specific time for the appointment. They provide the expertise and tools to complete the project. The homeowner has the option of providing the materials or having our Craftsmen purchase them.

What are some of your favorite kinds of jobs to do and what are you most skilled at? Our Craftsmen are hired for specific skills in the trades. Each Craftsman is sent to a home or business that needs his specific skills. Handyman Matters can complete electrical jobs, drywall, texture, prime and painting projects. Our Craftsmen are skilled in fixing leaks and drips in plumbing. We have removed and replaced windows and doors. We have completed remodeling full bathrooms, kitchens and finished basements. We have done tenant finish of business spaces. The other trades we are able to do are; tile, painting, carpentry, and pre-finished flooring.

How long have you been in business? 3.5 years

How long have you been a Christian & share a little about your faith: The Lord came into my life through the ministry of Vernon Grounds 32 years ago. I have been involved in many women’s ministries such as MOPS, Women’s Sunday School, and many Bible studies.

How has your faith in God inspired and helped grow your business? Service to others helps to grow our business. We endeavor to make things right when sometimes they go wrong.

How Acupuncture Can Help with Infertility and Pregnancy

Acupuncture is one part of traditional Chinese medicine and has been around for thousands of years. It has only recently been accepted in the Western world as a viable way to treat medical conditions, especially in the United States. There are even some health insurance companies that cover acupuncture now.

Acupuncture is fast becoming an acceptable treatment for couples suffering from infertility. In fact, acupuncture when used on you will help you to let go of all your negativity and allow your body to begin to open up which can help you in your pursuit of becoming pregnant. Acupuncture can help both males and females suffering from infertility problems. Many couples are now turning to acupuncture as a way to help them conceive.

In most cases, you will find that it is older women who want to have a child and try acupuncture as a way to achieve their goal of becoming pregnant. Acupuncture can be quite successful, particularly when it is used in conjunction with other friendly child-bearing activities like eating a healthy diet and performing moderate exercise daily. Whether you have blocked fallopian tubes or a hormone imbalance, you may find that acupuncture is a good option to try. There are also other Chinese acupuncture methods in an accupuncturist’s arsenal that can help to battle infertility. When an acupuncturist using acupuncture to treat male infertility, he or she is usually treating low sperm count, and in fact acupuncture is very popular for treating male infertility. In this particular instance, acupuncture and herbs will be used to treat the energy of the man’s kidneys.

One thing you will learn right away is that your whole body can be affected by just a tiny amount of negative energy, and this why infertility will affect not just those parts of the body related to your infertility, but the way your entire body reacts. Instead of treating the symptoms of a disease in the body, as with Western medicine practices, acupuncture tries to find the root of the problem and then treat that. Generally speaking because of this, acupuncture can be used to make your body healthier in general. It may not cure your infertility issues, but when you become healthier in general, ie you have less stress for example, traditional infertility treatments may have a better chance at working. Acupuncture will help you even if you are considering getting artificially inseminated or using other types of methods to conceive because your entire body will be healthier.

Once you do conceive, there are still certain types of acupuncture treatments that you can have and which can help back pain, cravings, and just create a better environment for your fetus. Once you have the baby, your energy will be thrown out of wack, and you will want to go to an acupuncturist to get quickly over any postpartum depression and or other negative feelings.

Acupuncture is a wonderful tool that couples can use throughout the entire pregnancy both before and after. It isn’t for everyone, but it is one method that has been studied very carefully, and that has a high rate of success. It’s important that you research acupuncture and talk to your doctor about it before taking the leap and scheduling your first appointment. You may discover that acupuncture allows you to conceive quickly, and give you your heart’s desire, having a child to raise and enjoy.

Tired of smelly, harsh and abrasive cleaners that are bad for the enviorment? Here’s some quick and easy solutions made right out of your own cabinets at home. These easy to make cleaning supplies are both nontoxic and very green friendly. Not only are these much safer for the yourself and the world in which you live, the end cost is much less than that of traditional cleaners bought at your local stores.

Air Freshers :

Sweeper Scents

There are a few ways in which you can ac hive beautiful long lasting scents without adding problems to the ozone layer. These non aerosol freshers are a snap to create. The scent mixtures are of endless possibilities. However for this one I will use Lemon Balm Leaves, you may use what ever you desire.

The awesome thing about this nifty little trick is that you can grow Lemon Balm in your own backyard, it requires very very low maintenance and will grow in just about any climate and soil condition.

If using live plants you will first need to cut and hang the stems upside down in a safe place to thoroughly dry out.

Remove leaves from stems, gently crush leaves into smaller pieces and place into a reusable tea bag or small cheesecloth bag. Unzip your sweeper bag and pin the Lemon scented pouch to the inside of the bag holding compartment. Wahhla your done, each time you run your sweeper you will fill the remove with an inviting sent of lemony goodness. Another way you can do this is to directly sweep up the crushed Lemon Balm leaves into the sweeper, this will act the very same way as the attached pouch, however you will need to redo these steps when you have replaced the dirty bag.

All purpose cleaners:

Counters, toilets, floors and more

Vinegar is a natural dirt killing machine, it cuts though dirt and grime like a warm knife through butter. White vinegar is best to use, You can use this in full or diluted strengths to clean any hard surface in your home from counter tops to toilets. Use caution on some flooring’s due to its natural acid content, it may tarnish or eat away at your wax covering on some floor polishes when used at full strength.

To use at full strength simply place the vinegar into a clean spray type bottle and apply to surface and wipe clean, the smell will dissipate once the vinegar has dried.

For diluted applications in a clean spray bottle mix 1/2 cup of warm water to 1 cup of white vinegar, apply to surfaces and wipe clean.

Stained Coffee Pots

Diluted formula is also ideal for coffee pots, add the water mixture to your water chamber in your coffee pot and set to brew, this will clean all the dirt and grim that has settled into all the nooks and crannies of your coffee maker as well as the pot it’s self. Rinse thoroughly and rerun plain water through the pot to ensure any residue is gone and your morning java isn’t blessed with a hint of vinegar.

Drain Cleaner

Vinegar is also one of the best natural drain cleaners, to unclog your drain pour a small amount of baking soda directly into the drain, next pour undiluted vinegar into the drain. Remember in school when you would see the recreations of lava on a model? Your going to be seeing that again, when the two are mixed it will create a bubbly effect that pushes it’s way up and through the clogs. You may have to repeat this a few times for very stubborn clogs, Rinse drain by running warm tap water down it for a few mins. Safe and easy for all drains in the home with out sending nasty chemicals down the tubes.


Vinegar can also be used on windows! For clear clean windows use undiluted. Spray directly onto the window and wipe dry with a soft clean rag.

Soap Scum Buster

Tubs, toilets, sinks and counters

A tired but true helper when it comes to getting tough soap scum and build ups off your tub and tile is the age old trick of using Baking Soda! Just shake out the soda directly on to the surface, use a warm wet rag with a back and forth or circular motion to clean. Rise thought when done, repeat if necessary. Safe and effective.

Source: Andreea’s Cleaning Services

Free Your Mind Voluntary Counseling

The voluntary counseling program was created to promote a fruitful way of addressing and responding to real situations. The program teaches individuals ways of keeping in tune with self and understanding the power and usefulness of the mind. It enables receivers to find the root of a problem and unfolds the best approach in solving a matter. The program inspires self awareness, self development, self confidence and is life applicable.

The goal of this program is to restore hope, joy and an ultimate sense of awareness that lies within.

Voluntary counseling is dedicated in meeting the inner needs of individuals and creating a difference by establishing a new way of thinking.

Below are the eight subjects that are essentials in understanding and building one self. These subjects have been proven and tested from my personal experiences which has uncovered many unanswered questions and has carried me beyond measures and still.

Understanding behavioral processes of the mind:

  • The origin of (your) thinking and thoughts by character, form or shape
  • Understanding the characters of negative and positive
  • Identifying the relationship between your feelings and your thoughts
  • The cause and effect of choices

Health and wellness:

· Understanding what it means to be healthy; using the mind as the manufacturer

· Finding useful tools that nourish and preserve the mind

Communication (s):

  • Knowing the importance and power of communication with any form or expression of words
  • Understanding the effectiveness communication has on growth

Relationship Carriers:

  • Understanding the importance of relationships and carrying items that simply doesn’t belong or that has run it’s course

Understanding the Importance and Power of Consolation

· Self consolation is a very important tool that is necessary in Self development. As one continues to grow, understanding your emotions becomes absolutely useful. In times that may feel pressuring or unbearable, initially search yourself. Stopping to analyze the matter at hand may be difficult in given situations, however if your mind can reach beyond the matter you’ll understand the source from which it comes. Understanding the presence of a situation creates away for healing. In times like these the rule is to measure the Things that hold value to you. Selectively, with those things you keep moving.

Understanding and knowing your self and your possessions:

· When all manner of communication (s) is practiced to be kept under control and you live in a mind set that is more consumed in taking care of self, you then start to understand who you are. You begin to exercise all things that you have inside and you gradually gain knowledge of who you are and your self worth. The more time you spend with your self the more you know yourself. Your mind is the most essential part of your make up and you must know the nature in which it lives.

Developing and applying a healthy attitude in given situations:

  • Now with having gone through daily experiences proving your self at work you practice to apply self building techniques. Each day growing and developing in a more solid condition where you see and feel the manifestations of the real you.

Living in Self……….. The key producer:

· Finally, the stage of confidence where you’ve developed in self and have learned and grown in your experiences. Knowing your self and standing on your grounds, no matter what situation occur. Living in joy and peace knowing you have the ability to create, control and express yourself.