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A Home Spa Party: Pamper Your Friends with These Essential Oil Recipes

Getting the girls together for an afternoon or evening pampering can be quite a bit of fun, but there are many things to consider when organizing such an event. Setting the stage for a home spa party is essential to the success of the party. Presentation is everything. When planning to hostess a home spa party, be certain to include a spa-like atmosphere. There are many elements to consider such as music, refreshments, types of treatment sessions and decor.

The Atmosphere

Begin setting the stage by appealing to the senses. Lighting should be subdued. Use candles in place of lamps and overhead lighting. Lit candles can become a meditative focal point in any setting. Soft music should be played in the background. Choose CDs with nature sounds or instrumentals. Both have a calming effect on the mind. Supply soft, thick, plush hand towels for some of the sessions that will require drying hands and feet. Providing pleasing scents is a must. If the chosen candles are aromatic, that’s great. If not, then choose an essential oil or blend to simmer in water on the stove-top or in an oil burner. Lastly, remember the sense of taste. It would be wise to serve snacks and drinks. A healthy choice includes fresh fruit, vegetable and cheese trays. For drinks, offer a selection of teas and water.

The Treatment Sessions

Choosing what treatment sessions to provide can take a little time. While home spa parties can offer anything from facials to massages to foot soaks, you might be looking to do something a bit more economical. Here are some ideas to get your party started.

Begin with a foot workout. This is done by taking a golf ball and rubbing it around the foot, concentrating on the arch and sides. Also, walking on smooth river rock placed on carpeting can give the foot a great massage. Both will be soothing to the feet.

Next, try a relaxing or revitalizing foot soak. By adding a quarter cup epsom salts, an eighth of a cup baking soda, a dozen marbles and eight to 10 drops of an essential oil to a tub of warm water a great foot bath has been created. The Epsom salt will aid in detoxifying as the baking soda will alkalize the water and soften the skin. For a relaxing foot bath, add ylang ylang essential oil. For a more invigorating experience, add peppermint essential oil.

A sample of a body scrub can be applied to the hands and arms. Begin by mixing one tablespoon of wheat germ, one tablespoon of ground oatmeal and five drops of an essential oil with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Rub the mixture on the skin and rinse with warm water. This is an ideal way to exfoliate the skin and leave it soft. A nice essential oil to use is orange.

Personal body spritzers can be made by adding eight to 10 drops of any essential oil to two ounces of distilled water in a dark spray bottle. A calming essential oil to try is lavender, while an refreshing oil is eucalyptus. This spritzer can be sprayed on the skin as well as on linens or used as a room spray. To personalize the spritzer, make a blend of essential oils by mixing two or three oils. Be certain to shake the bottle prior to spraying to mix the oils with the water.

A great way to end your home health spa party is to follow an inspirational guided meditation. Many are available on-line for free. Some are pre-recorded, some are stand alone scripts. Choose one that reflects the mood of the spa atmosphere that has been created. Playing soft music in the background will enhance the effects of the gentle words.

When planning a home health spa party, using the imagination is one of the best ways to get great results. Decide on the atmosphere desired, accessorize the setting and prepare for the types of treatment sessions being offered. With a little research, a few essential materials and staging the environment, a wonderful spa-like retreat can be held in the home.